Saturday, January 3, 2015

Home Outfitters

Home Outfitters is a very interesting shop to purchase unique furniture and accessories.  The white washed brick interiors and lovely vignettes stand out and are refreshing to find in Dubai.  Especially if you have grown tired of the usually massive and overly ornamented furniture offered by others. Their furniture proportions vary and they have selections of sofa that would suit small spaces. 

I have always wanted to visit. I see it all the time on my drive home.  The exterior stands out in a subtle and stylish way and you can immediately tell their products will speak the same.  It is the only showroom they have in Dubai so far. If you're coming from Sheikh Zayed Road, it is located along Umm Suqeim Road, Al Barsha-2. It is on your right,just before reaching Al Khail Road.  

Stockists of authentic leather and fabric sofas. The scent of leather drifts in the air inside the showroom. They do not customize, but their furniture are available in multiple colors and fabric selections. Most of their accessories come from Europe. Vibrant artwork and stunning lighting with reasonable prices. So if you're looking for style and quality, this is the perfect destination.   Here are more photos...

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Holidaze in Dubai

How was your Christmas? We didn't do anything on the 24th evening, but we made up for it the next day. Here's a round up of our last Christmas in Dubai from left to right.

  • The Christmas Tree at Dubai Festival City. We stopped putting up our own at home since we had a cat. Tiptoe loves climbing and tearing the tree apart.  
  • Ana├»s' first Christmas.  She was wondering at first what the fuss was about tearing up paper and opening up pressies.  She enjoyed her toys and gifts.
  • The wreath that I failed to hang on the door for the first time in many years.
  • TWG tea shopping for gifts to friends. A lot of my friends are tea drinkers and they love it.
  • My husband told me he didn't get me anything but I found a surprise gift on the bed on Christmas morning.  So sweet!
  • I bought a pair of Ninety Tassel Detail black leather boots from Dune London as a Christmas gift to myself as seen here. For many years, I've always wanted to buy a pair but never did. My last splurge before embracing a simple life.
  • Christmas day feast at my friend Gail's house party.  
  • My first attempt at making pot roast. I got the recipe from Ina Garten.  It's a must-try, promise! Tender melt-in-your-mouth meat (this comes from a former 7-year vegetarian).  The sauce is just soo good, it's a meal on its own. 
  • Lastly,  it was a pair of Chanel sunnies that I spotted early this year and fell in love with.  It was a gift I asked from Santa.  He sent it. I guess I have been a good girl this year. :)  It's currently on transit. Yay!

Apart from all the fun festivities and family reunions that spread throughout our news feeds, it made me think about "What Christmas means to me." After attending a church service, I thought about it and the word "family" stands out the most.  Much as I miss my sisters and family back home, my now immediate family is my focus this year, as well as friends turned family that made our Christmas brighter.  You are a part of this family too, as you have witnessed my highs and lows.  Thank you for being here. 

Being our last Christmas in Dubai, I sent cards by post to family around the globe and was very pleased that they arrived on time.  Speaking about family..

I'd like to share this IKEA video that really touched my heart and I leave you with this question.
What does Christmas mean to you?

Love & light,


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Inspiring Kitchens

How's your week going? I'm sure a lot of you will be cooking up a storm in the next 2 days. Here are inspiring kitchens from IKEA. A trip there always brings me a dose of happiness. I like both of these designs, especially when all of the appliances are built-in. Take your pick.

I am glad I finished all of my gift shopping in a day.  I will attempt to make my first pot roast on Christmas Day. Wish me luck. What will you be preparing?

Happy holidays and happy cookin' everyone.
Love and light, 
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